HRP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L)<原裝進口>
產品名稱:HRP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L)<原裝進口>



Product Type
Secondary Antibody

Physical State

Antibody Source
The antibody was purified from antisera by immunoaffinity chromatography using antigens coupled to agarose beads

Antibody Purity
The antibody reacts with whole molecule rabbit IgG. It also reacts with the light chains of other rabbit immunoglobulins.

Suggested Dilution Range
1:500 - 1:5000 for immunohisto/cytochemistry
1:5000 - 1:100000 for ELISA and Western blotting with chromogenic substrates
1:10000 - 1:200000 for Western blotting with ECL substrates.

Storage Buffer
0.01M Sodium phosphate, 0.25M NaCl, 50% Glycerol, pH7.6

15 mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin (IgG-Free, Protease-Free)

None (Warining: Use of sodium azide as a preservative will substantially inhibit the enzyme activity of horseradish peroxidase.)

Storage Instructions
Store at -20�C. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.

The product listed herein is for research use only and is not intended for use in human or clinical diagnosis. Nothing disclosed herein is to be construed as a recommendation to use this product in violation of any patents. The information presented above is believed to be accurate. However, said information and product are offered without warranty or guarantee since the ultimate conditions of use and the variability of the materials treated are beyond our control. We cannot be responsible for patent infringements or other violations that may occur with the use of this product.

貨號 名稱 規格 單價
E030110 HRP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) HRP,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030120 HRP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) HRP,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030130 HRP, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) HRP,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030140 HRP, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) HRP,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030150 HRP, Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG(H+L) HRP,兔抗綿羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030160 HRP, Goat Anti-Swine IgG(H+L) HRP,山羊抗豬 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030170 HRP, Goat Anti-Human IgG(H+L) HRP,山羊抗人 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030180 HRP, Rabbit Anti-Chicken IgG(H+L) HRP,兔抗雞 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030100 HRP-Streptavidin HRP,鏈親和素 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E030210 AP, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) AP,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E030220 AP, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) AP,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
貨號 名稱 規格 單價
E031210 FITC, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) FITC,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031220 FITC, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) FITC,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031230 FITC, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) FITC,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031240 FITC, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) FITC,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031310 TRITC, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) 羅丹明,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031320 TRITC, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) 羅丹明,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031340 TRITC, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) 羅丹明,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031330 TRITC, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) 羅丹明,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031410 Texas Red, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) 德克薩斯紅,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031420 Texas Red, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) 德克薩斯紅,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031110 AMCA, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) AMCA,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031120 AMCA, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) AMCA,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031610 Cy3, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) CY3,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031620 Cy3, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) CY3,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031630 Cy3, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) CY3,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E031640 Cy3, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) CY3,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
貨號 名稱 規格 單價
E030310 Biotin, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Biotin,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030320 Biotin, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Biotin,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030330 Biotin, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Biotin,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
E030340 Biotin, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Biotin,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 180.00/720.00
貨號 名稱 規格 單價
E032110 Dylight405, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight405,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032120 Dylight405,GoatAnti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight405,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032130 Dylight405,RabbitAnti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight405,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032140  Dylight405,Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Dylight405,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032210 Dylight488, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight488,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032211 Dylight488, Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight488,驢抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 506.00/1620.00
E032220 Dylight 488, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight488,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032221 Dylight 488,Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight488,驢抗兔 100ul/500ul 506.00/1620.00
E032230 Dylight 488, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight488,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032231 Dylight 488,Donkey Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight488,驢抗山羊 100ul/500ul 506.00/1620.00
E032240 Dylight 488, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Dylight488,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032310 Dylight549, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight549,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032320 Dylight 549, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight549,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032330 Dylight 549, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight549, 兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032340 Dylight 549, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Dylight549,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032350 Dylight 549,Sheep anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight549, 綿羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032410 Dylight594, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight594,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032411 Dylight594,Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight594, 驢抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 506.00/1620.00
E032420 Dylight594, Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight594,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032421 Dylight594,Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight594, 驢抗兔 100ul/500ul 506.00/1620.00
E032430 Dylight 594, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight594,山羊兔抗 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032440 Dylight594, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Dylight594,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032610 Dylight649, Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight649,山羊抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032620 Dylight649,Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight649,山羊抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032630 Dylight 649, Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight649,兔抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032640 Dylight649, Goat Anti-Rat IgG(H+L) Dylight649,山羊抗大鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032710 Dylight 680,Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight 680,抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032720 Dylight 680,Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight 680,抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032730 Dylight 680,Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight 680,抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032810 Dylight 800,Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Dylight 800,抗小鼠 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032820 Dylight 800,Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Dylight 800,抗兔 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
E032830 Dylight 800,Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) Dylight 800,抗山羊 100ul/500ul 270.00/960.00
熒光基團 顏色 激發光波長(nm) 發射光波長(nm) 熒光基團
Dylight405 Blue 400 421 Alexa 405 ,AMCA
Dylight488 Green 493 518 Alexa 488,FITC
Dylight549 Yellow 550 568 Alexa 546, Alexa 555,TRITC,Cy3
Dylight594 Orange 591 616 Alexa 594,Texas Red
Dylight649 Red 652 670 Alexa 647,Cy5
Dylight680 Near Red 682 715 Alexa 680, Cy5.5
Dylight800 Infrared 770 794 IRDye 800

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